Why India?

Why India

There has been a lot said about the economic opportunities in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China and sometimes South Africa). These countries are contrasted to the more mature economies of the US, Japan and the European Union.   All the BRIC countries were less impacted by the Great Recession, relatively speaking.

So if you buy the BRIC argument, why India? Three reasons: Size, Democracy and Language. By way of proof, the middle class in India is bigger than the population of the US. Size matters. The country is a messy democracy, but one that is evolving from it’s early socialistic roots to something more user friendly to the private sector. If only we can make it through the transition. Lastly, the official language is English. Every educated person speaks and writes it and for someone like me who couldn’t learn a foreign language on a bet, this is a BIG deal.

So that’s why! Socially, the people are wonderful gentle souls, but economically the Indian Tiger will be eating the Chinese Bear’s lunch before too long.

A Few Facts About India

  • Four times the population of the US, at 1.3 billion and counting
  • One third the US land area.
  • 25% of the worlds population under 25 years old.
  • More cell phones than any other country.
  • Five of the richest people in the world and 500 million in poverty.
  • A land of huge contract and great expectations.